Carboy Palette
Carboy Palette
Carboy Palette

Carboy Palet’s Benefits

As we have always said, you will get much labor, times and money with our pallets and loading’s robot.

Arrying Pallet Safely

Our operatives made dedicated R&D efforts as a result of both glass and polycarbone carrying pallet in same version pallet safely and without fall to pieces.

We have found "carboy pallet"

We have found “carboy pallet” to facilitate stacking and transportation for carboys in order to provide solution to the problems of the water sector.

How to make the carboy palette.

Carboy palette is produced by rotational molding that is according to use most appropriate production technology. Like a plastic injection have not been put into some derivative of several chemical materials and calcite. Also it is 100% of the mainly raw material recyclable and durable. Our products are unbreakable against sudden bumps and minimum 10 times long-lasting according to plastic injection’s products.

Loading Robot

• Loading capacity is 12 pcs carboys.

• It doesn’t damage anywhere of carboy’s bottle, neck or safety tape.

• It doesn’t need to spend consumables.

• Speeds up the all works.

• It can load 2600 carboys per hour.

• It will be able to work 3 persons instead of 1 person.

• You can load 5 floor all stacks.

• All existing systems can be integrated to it in every companies.

• It never stop water filling process.

Carboy Palette Loading Robot
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