Carboy Palet

Carboy Palet’s Benefits

• Reduces the worker’s labor 8 times.

• Soves all costs for using cling films.

• Carboy’s damage can decreases minimum 37%.

(Protects outside of the carboys)

• Carries more products without exceeding the tonnage limit.

• You can carry minimum 17% more products by truck.

• More products can be stocked in the same spaces.

• Fits for any carrying tools (Pallet jack, forklift…) models.

• Prevents counting errors.

• Carries both glass and polycarbonate carboys on the same palettes.

• In the standard use, absolutely indestructible.

• Handles normally 4 times (floors) (each floors has 12 pcs) totally 48 pcs.

• It is produced the most robust manufacturing method (Rotational molding technology).

• They are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

• Also we have loading robot (12pc carboys can move themselves together and robot can set up all carboys on our pallets.)

• Amortizes its costs within 6-8 months.

Carboy Palet

Carboy Palet